Vicksburg is anticipating tourism boost from sports betting

Annette Crawford
May 17, 2018

Sports betting adds to the pathology of lottery gambling by preying on fan loyalties and the misguided belief that the bettor knows more than the Vegas wiseguys who set the lines. A white paper from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission earlier this year estimated the state could collect $8-$60 million in revenue from sports betting every year depending on how it is regulated and taxed. Since 2007, casino revenue in the state - that is, the money lost by players to slots machines and table games - is more than $30 billion.

The US has an unusual relationship with sports betting.

We have continuing coverage on a Supreme Court decision to let states legalize sports gambling.

The Reverend Mark Creech of the Christian Action League said in a statement released Tuesday that he believed the Supreme Court's decision allows states to engage in "the fleecing of their own citizens". The aging track needs an overhaul and Ritvo is hoping for a boost from sports betting.

It doesn't help that Drazin came out and put May 28 into the minds of eagerly awaiting NJ sports betting patrons. It became survival of the fittest as the best online sportsbooks thrived while the others would eventually succumb to a Darwinian end, via social media platforms and industry forums like Sportsbook Review where nefarious sites were soon outed and excoriated by the betting public.

And in keeping with that mandate, antiquated laws and prohibitions must be abolished, rendered obsolete, which is what happened on Monday when the SCOTUS ruled in favor of allowing states the freedom to legalize and regulate sports betting.

States are now free to offer sports betting: where do South Carolina leaders stand?
Delaware Could Be 1st State to Open Sports Gambling After Supreme Court Ruling

Pennsylvania lawmakers are looking to work quickly to take advantage.

There's also precedent: For 30 years, southern Vermont had legal parimutuel betting, first on thoroughbred horses, then on greyhounds, at Green Mountain Racetrack in Pownal. That has sparked criticism about money leaving Kentucky, but casino gambling hasn't advanced in recent years, and Gov. Matt Bevin is opposed. The first attempt lost at each step in federal court, and the Supreme Court declined to consider an appeal in 2014.

" I think it is going to be a free-for-all for quite some time and the legislature is probably going to take quite a while to sort through this issue", said Clyde Barrow, who is the chair of the political science department at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley and who has long followed the New England casino market. States have the authority to essentially "do what thou wilt" without the risk of catching any heat from national law enforcement agencies. We fought for this for seven years. Industry website Equibase hasn't tracked attendance since the mid-1990s, but it has been dropping. But of course, federal laws cost the feds money to enforce, and Congress did not want to foot that bill - hence Bradley's scheme of transferring the cost of preventing sports betting to the states. Perhaps we'll see them in commercial casinos, and that would be a boon for horse racing. Would-be developer Rick Lertzman says his proposed constitutional amendment would allow sports betting in hundreds of restaurants, bars, fraternal clubs and entertainment venues. For instance, each state must undertake the potentially lengthy process of enacting new legislation to legalize sports betting within its borders.

"I'm going to do exactly what they want me to do", Drazin said. Rather, the Court struck down PASPA because of the specific manner in which the statute prohibited sports betting.

"You like to win when there's a crowd". He said he used to bet regularly on college football and being able to do it at a tribal casino less than an hour from his home beats traveling to Nevada.

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