Amazon's global smart speaker share drops below 50 percent in first quarter

Doris Richards
May 18, 2018

Apple said to ship six lakh units of HomePod during the number, which isn't a bad number considering the launch happened in mid-February and people are even interested in purchasing a steeply priced Smart Speaker. Chinese emall giant Alibaba (7.6% market share) shipped 700,000 branded smart speakers, Apple (6%) had 600,000 HomePods in transit, and Xiaomi (2.4%) delivered 200,000 units during the first quarter of 2018.

According to the latest data from Strategy Analytics, 9.2 million smart speakers were in the first quarter of this year.

The smart speaker competition is heating up. The company had an incredible 709% year-over-year improvement in first quarter shipments to 2.4 million units from the 300,000 it delivered during 2017's first three months.

"Amazon and Google accounted for a dominant 70 percent share of global smart speaker shipments in Q1 2018, although their combined share has fallen from 84 percent in Q4 2017 and 94 percent in the year ago quarter", Strategy Analytics director David Watkins said in a release.

Amazon holds 43.6 percent of the market, which is down from the 81.8 percent it held during the first quarter of 2017. The top five brands Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Apple and Xiaomi, contributed 86.1% share, while other brands had a share of 13.9% with a total of 1.3 million shipments.

David Watkins, the Director at Strategy Analytics highlighted that Amazon and Google accounted for almost 70% of global smart speaker shipments in Q1 2018, although their combined share has fallen from 84% in Q4 2017 and 94% in the year ago quarter.

He put it down, in part, to strong smart-speaker growth in China, where major Western brands are now absent. David Mercer, Vice President at Strategy Analytics added, "Today's smart speakers are by no means the finished article but they have captured the consumer imagination and we will see rapid evolution in design, functionality and associated use cases over the coming years".

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