Author claims DB Cooper is Walter Reca from Oscoda, Michigan

Lester Mason
May 18, 2018

The author of a new book says he knows the identity of DB Cooper.

Laurin, who has written a new book which he says proves Reca was Cooper, also claimed the criminal went on to become a high-level covert intelligence operative.

Some of the other theories concerning D.B. Cooper's identity say he was a a mild-mannered grocery store clerk from Northern Michigan, a conman and former U.S. Army paratrooper who now lives in San Diego, an Army veteran who lived and died in Nashville, or an aerospace engineer or manager. His evidence was analyzed by a certified fraud examiner and forensic linguist, Principa Media said in a press release. Laurin says he compiled more than three hours of audio recordings and had nearly daily discussions with Reca over a 14-year period. The publisher claims to have information about the flight path and landing zone, witness testimony from a person who spoke with Reca an hour after his jump, information about how the money Reca extorted was spent, two people to whom Reca confessed, and a piece of clothing Reca wore during the jump, WGRZ reported. Somewhere along the flight, he parachuted from the plane and was never seen again. The daredevil said he treated it as any bank heist. It was done, and I lived through it'.

Laurin added that Reca's membership of the Michigan Parachute Team gave him the skills necessary to survive jumping out of the Boeing 727 at 10,000ft - and that he was snapped attending a reunion of the team in 2000.

Book Cover
Book Cover

Laurin says the tapes contain information which the Federal Bureau of Investigation only released to the general public in 2015, and that he spent 14 years talking to Reca about the crime on a daily basis.

The book, D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal Spy, My Best Friend, is out now.

Thomas Colbert, a documentary filmmaker who helped put together the 40-member team, said in January his team made the connection from work a code breaker uncovered in each of the five letters allegedly sent by Cooper. The FBI said in court papers that it has more than 71,000 documents that may be responsive to Colbert's lawsuit.

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