Evidence of Planet Nine Possibly Found

Mindy Sparks
May 18, 2018

The researchers required performing digital simulations of our solar system for understanding as to how the discovered object happened to possess such freaky orbit. Published on the arXiv preprint server, a new paper using data from the Dark Energy Survey claims to have found an "extreme Trans-Neptunian Object" with a massive, tilted orbit around the Sun.

If you imagined the solar system as a flat, invisible tabletop with the Sun at the center, most of the other planets' orbits would stay on the tabletop's surface, while some would dip below and rise above it as they made their way around the Sun. This new object, dubbed 2015 BP519, instead travels on an elliptical orbit that spans 35 to 862 times the radius of the Earth's orbit, at a 54-degree angle to the plane taken by our planet. He added that it is only the existence of the BP519 that strengthens the planet nine presence.

Calculations show that give it such a sharp slope couldn't gravity any one of the eight "official" planets of the Solar system - and perhaps it is due to the influence of the mysterious Planet X.

For years, astronomers have talked about the discovery of a planet nine in our solar system.

After that, the team added certain properties of a possible ninth planet which some researchers from Caltech theorized about in 2015. Most theorized that it could be a super-sized Earth-like planet.

Professor David Gerdes said, "It's not proof that Planet Nine exists". Konstantin Batygin, an astrophysicist at Caltech said in a statement that at present there exist five varying observational pieces of evidence, which tend to signify the presence of planet nine.

The scientists say that the orbit of this potential dwarf planet is so odd it is thought to have been affected by Planet Nine. That small population of objects loops outward toward the same quadrant of the solar system, something unlikely to happen by chance according to the astronomers.

Researchers say a distant rocky object could have been pushed into orbit by the gravitational power of another planet. A strong and sustained interaction with Planet Nine appears to be the only way the new object could get such an erratic orbit.

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