Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake revived

Doris Richards
May 18, 2018

The Super Snake and its big-block 427 cubic-inch V8 borrowed from the Ford GT40 Mk II race vehicle originated in 1967 as an engineering study for high-speed tire testing by Goodyear. "From high-tech modern muscle to off-road super trucks, track day thrill rides and heritage cars like the continuation 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, we offer something for everyone who wants to be best in class".

Ten lucky buyers will pay Shelby America 250,000 of their American dollars to hold the keys for a "new" 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

Debuting for the media at Goodyear's San Angelo, Texas, test track, Shelby personally took the wheel of the Super Snake and was clocked at 170 miles per hour. Each of the cars will include an original signature from Carroll Shelby and Don McCain.

Only ten exaples of the revived 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake will be made and each will cost $249, 995 (about Php 13.1 million).

Shelby didn't say much else about the auto but Shelby American president, Gary Patterson, noted the original model started out as an engineering prototype for high-speed tire testing by Goodyear. After turning the auto over to Goodell for the 500-mile test, the Shelby Super Snake set a new top speed world record for its class. Another 10 of the muscle cars will be offered to enthusiasts worldwide. Each auto is stripped to bare metal in order to meet the strict standards needed for the GT500 Super Snake transformation. The mental vehicle will be powered by an equally mental 7.0-litre V8 engine which churns out over 557bhp, with the engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The power is routed through a four-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels, and the whole thing is stopped by disc brakes.

The return of the Super Snake comes after Shelby reintroduced the 1968 Shelby GT500KR (KR - King of the Road) in January, with 10 fastbacks and 10 convertibles of KR to be built.

The original Super Snake was powered by a 7.0-litre V8 race engine and came with heavy-duty front brakes with a Detroit Locker rear end. Before his passing a few years ago, McCain was deeply involved in the Shelby engine program and promoted the idea of a rebirth of the Super Snake program. "Carroll always intended for that innovative chassis to be the first in a line of modern sports cars, which is why he called it the Series 1".

The Super Snake was a mad creation: developed as a tyre-test bed for Goodyear, Shelby then toyed with the idea of turning its one-off into a limited production run.

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