Golan attack indicates new phase: Nasrallah

Lester Mason
May 18, 2018

There were no Israeli casualties.

An April 9, a suspected Israeli strike killed seven Iranian military personnel at a Syrian airbase.

Expectations of a regional flare-up were stoked by U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement on Tuesday that he was withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal.

"This event is not over", he said. Israeli cities would be hit, as might strategic targets in Iran. One video posted online showed a large explosion and shrapnel flying in the air. Syria's military said the Israeli strikes killed three people and damaged a number of its air defense units. The state TV station said the attacks were foiled.

Syrian media earlier said the hostilities began with Israeli fire at Syrian positions in southern Syria from across the border.

"The holy system of the Islamic Republic will step up its missile capabilities day by day so that Israel, this occupying regime, will become sleepless and the nightmare will constantly haunt it that if it does anything foolish, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground", he said, according to state television.

Israel says it struck dozens of Iranian targets overnight in response to a rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights.

The Israeli military said it had instructed civic authorities on the Golan Heights to ready bomb shelters, deployed new defenses and mobilized some reservist forces.

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported that intelligence officials briefed ministers on Thursday and told them another clash with Iran in Syria was unlikely after the intensity of the strikes the night before.

Missiles rise over Damascus early Thursday during an Israeli attack on Iranian military targets in Syria, a furious response to an Iranian rocket atta.

While Soleimani says he's willing to sacrifice the last standing Iranian soldier for Assad's sake, al-Rashed writes, "Assad will cooperate with whichever power wins in his land and now that Israel is involved in the war, Iran is probably the biggest loser".

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied most of the airstrikes. The pan-Arab Al Hayat newspaper reported Thursday that Russian Federation and Israel were developing an agreement to keep Iran out of southern Syria and allow Syrian government forces to retake the region.

"The Israelis want to make this into an Iran-Israel thing, but it isn't". Israel responded by attacking anti-aircraft positions in Syria, and an Israeli warplane was shot down during the battle. But Samore added that Russian Federation, a leading powerbroker in Syria and key Assad ally, wants to keep things "under control" and avoid "a big war between Israel and Iran" on Syrian territory.

"[There are] a variety of groups that could possibly strike Israel on its behalf, such as one of the many new "Syrian Hezbollah" groups integrated into the registers of the Syrian armed forces, or one of the Iraqi groups that emerged during the war, like Harakat al-Nujaba and its 'Golan Liberation Brigade'".

In an anticipated decision, Trump withdrew from the deal on Tuesday, having previously said that Iran was in violation of the "spirit" of the global agreement.

Both Russia and Iran have provided crucial military support to Assad's forces.

After 10 hours together, Netanyahu said he conveyed Israel's obligation to defend itself against Iranian aggression.

"I think that matters were presented in a direct and forthright manner, and this is important".

Conricus said Israel was not looking to escalate the situation but that troops will continue to be on "very high alert". He calls it the "required rational stance in a mad region". Israel accuses Tehran of seeking to establish a foothold on its doorstep, something it has vowed never to allow. Israel captured the Golan from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed it in a moved no recognized internationally.

Israeli officials have been predicting an Iranian "attack" against them in retaliation for the various Israeli strikes in recent weeks. "They are determined to do it and we are determined to prevent it. It means we are on a collision course".

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