Parents warned ahead of '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 release

Angelo Anderson
May 18, 2018

For season two, which premieres Friday, 13 Reasons Why has gone a step further in alerting viewers of its sensitive material: In a cold open before its first episode begins, a 50-second PSA runs featuring numerous main castmembers reading off a strong disclaimer.

'In season one, there were themes of revenge suicide - which doesn't happen - and glamorization and nearly romanticization of the lead character, ' he says.

'And a series of episodes - as opposed to one episode where someone dies by suicide - have an ongoing, repetitive theme.

Due to the immediate backlash to the show, Netflix partnered with Northwestern University to survey teenagers, young adults and parents about their responses to it.

Dr. Ashley Miller of BC Children's Hospital said the show does parents a disservice, portraying them as helpless and clueless, when that isn't the case.

With support from agencies such as the Office of Film and Literature Classification, ACC, The Ministries of Health and Education, Le Va, Te Rau Matatini and the New Zealand Police, the Mental Health Foundation has built a place on its website with advice and resources for viewers of 13 Reasons Why and anyone who is concerned about someone watching the show.

That research, however, did not address some of the issues psychologists thought were most pressing, such as the lack of content or "trigger" warnings preceding the emotionally charged and sometimes graphic portrayals of mental health issues, self-harm, sexual assault and suicide.

Epsom Girls Grammar School sent a note out to parents warning them the show starts screening on Thursday, NZME reports. 13 Reasons Why was a sensation a year ago, capturing viewers' attention with the story - based off the YA novel by Jay Asher - of teenage Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), whose suicide reverberates through her high school community when the audio tapes she recorded before her death implicate 13 other people: classmates, teachers, friends, enemies, and in particular Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette).

Season Two of Netflix's controversial "13 Reasons Why" drops this weekend.

"I have to say, the fan encounters that I have had are some of the most wonderful". Young people are likely to find other ways to watch it and will feel unable to ask for help if they are troubled or distressed by what they have seen. The promising premise however gets waylaid and then trapped in throwbacks, PSA intros, mysterious threats, an under-utilization of Langford and a finish that is fundamentally flawed to say the least.

Mental health campaigner Mike King said the show carried important messages.

He added: 'Those are the things that I think Netflix originally wanted to have happen with season one and I hope they really do happen with season two'.

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