White House so afraid of leaks they've now canceled daily staff meetings

Lester Mason
May 18, 2018

Senior officials in the White House communications office have made a decision to cancel the large morning meetings, attended by lower-ranking staffers, after a "leak" during a previous meeting ensnared communications aide Kelly Sadler in a controversy after inappropriate comments regarding Sen. John McCain's terminal cancer has its roots in Donald Trump's declaration that he preferred heroes who had not been captured, as if McCain had somehow chosen to be shot down, imprisoned and tortured. The Hill was first to report that during a White House meeting, Sadler, a communications aide, had dismissed McCain's opposition to the nomination of Gina Haspel as Central Intelligence Agency director, saying the senator's opinion "doesn't matter" because he's "dying anyway". Instead, a smaller group of communications team members has met, one person briefed on the matter said.

Amid constant leaks that keep spilling out of the Trump Administration, the White House is limiting the number of its daily meetings, reports The New York Times.

Sadler has personally apologized to McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, but has not issued a public apology.

White House aide taped meetings with Trump to impress friends: report
Dysfunctional White House So Scared of Leaks Daily Staff Meetings Have Now Been Canceled

The Senate voted 54-45 Thursday to confirm Haspel, with six Democrats supporting and two Republicans defecting.

Since former communications director Hope Hicks left the administration in February, several names have been floated as potential replacements - including strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp and Treasury Department spokesman Tony Sayegh - but internal conflict has so far prevented the President from picking either one, sources say.

Trump took to Twitter on Monday to slam the people who leaked Sadler's remark as "traitors and cowards", and Conway later suggested during a Fox News appearance that she expects personnel changes as a result of the leak. Obama should lift the Dems, now Flake comes out against Haspel's nomination to lead CIA White House conducts sweeps to find staffers' unauthorized cellphones MORE's (R-Ariz.) opinion on a nominee was irrelevant because he is "dying anyway". Actually, yes I do.

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