Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

Lester Mason
May 18, 2018

The white house staff having a little bit of fun there. Riecke suspects that the frequencies have been artificially adjusted in the recording (i.e. you'll hear Yanny if the higher frequencies are removed and Laurel is the lower frequencies are removed).

US President Donald Trump and the White House are the latest to weigh in on the Laurel versus Yanny debate.

Besides frequencies causing people to hear either Yanny or Laurel, she also thinks how our brains are wired, and hearing what you want or expect to hear, could also be why some hear one over the other, or even hear both.

"'Definitely Laurel.' 'Laurel?' Laurel, it's not Yanny at all", says Melissa Atkins.

Not missing the opportunity to take a jab at the press, Sanders says, "clearly you're getting your information from CNN because that's fake news".

While senior White House officials debated over which word the computer voice was saying, Trump heard one word clearly: covfefe.

With Green Needle and Brainstorm I can literally hear whatever the hell I choose to hear.

"People who are more attuned to the high frequencies are picking up on things that make it sound more like Yanny", linguist Ben Zimmer told CBS News. "Who's yanny? I hear coffefe".

"I hear covfefe", the president said, referring to a 2017 tweet that went viral due to the misspelling.

'I hear covfefe, ' he declares, referencing the odd tweet he sent out at 3am previous year that became a viral sensation of its own.

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