Elon Musk announces $78000 high-performance version of Tesla Model 3

Annette Crawford
May 22, 2018

When Model 3 deliveries started in July, Tesla described the US$35,000 price for a Model 3 with a standard battery with a 220-mile (354-km) range before options or incentives.

The story around the Model 3 production ramp as so far mostly been about the delays, but in a surprising change today, Tesla is actually accelerating Model 3 delivery timelines for new orders amid improvements its production ramp over the last few weeks.

Tesla said in February that a dual motor version would come at midyear and a standard battery pack would be available in late 2018. When we report our results next week, it likely won't reflect Tesla's actual order bank for those reasons.

Musk, whose refusal to answer questions from some analysts in a call earlier this month prompted a fall in shares, said that Tesla had to focus on delivering higher-priced Model 3s first, or it would "die".

The news comes as the Model 3 has been plagued by production delays.

He continued: "Tesla dual motor means there is a motor in front & a motor in rear".

Well, what other auto company on the planet would announce a few new variants of a vehicle when they're still struggling to ramp up production on the entry-level model?

The magazine, which provides an annual rating of vehicles sold in the United States, said even though its tests found plenty to like about the Model 3 and it was a thrill to drive, it had "big flaws".

While the global backlog is still massive, if Tesla keeps its current pace, they could be producing over 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week within the next 2 months.

In addition, he confirmed that the upcoming performance version would also retain the 310-mile range and that it would reach 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

Hallmark all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 Performance from the other versions of the same model are 20-inch wheels for 18 - and 19-inch composite boot spoiler and more expensive interior decoration. Its top speed will be a slightly lower 140 miles per hour. Goldman Sachs, in fact, expects the company to need another $10 billion in equity by 2020.

The production problems led Tesla to report its worst-ever loss during the first quarter and analysts aren't much more optimistic about what will happen for the April-June period.

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