Miley Cyrus barges in on a sleeping Jimmy Kimmel

Doris Richards
May 22, 2018

Some couple love to playfully torment each other.

Watch the full prank play out in the video above.

The prank seemed like a harmless success, until Kimmel said that she had hit him right in his wrecking balls.

The 50-year-old chat show host has become victim to a weird, regular prank over the years, which has previously seen both Rihanna and Britney Spears sneak into his house and jump on his bed while Kimmel sleeps. As Kimmel joked on his talk show Monday night, Rihanna had once "colluded" with his wife, Molly, to sneak into his house in the middle of the night for a similar stunt. Cyrus enters the house, pledging to wreak havoc.

When Miley Cyrus said she was "coming in like a wrecking ball" just for Jimmy Kimmel, she wasn't kidding.

As he introduced the clip on his late-night show, Kimmel called himself the "victim" of a most unusual deed, one which saw a singing, dancing Miley and her "wrecking crew" wake the funnyman with a (phony) wrecking ball and (very real) sledgehammer. Keeping to a theme, Cyrus dressed up as a construction worker and jumped on Kimmel's bed with a sledgehammer and an actual wrecking ball.

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