Supreme Court ruling on sports betting is a loser

Lester Mason
May 22, 2018

In Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, the court ruled that a federal statute limiting betting on sports was unconstitutional because it violated the 10th Amendment, which reserves for the states those powers not granted to the federal government.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

Paul has been studying sports for more than two decades.

Officially, the Ohio Lottery and Casino Control commissions are deferring for guidance to the governor and other state lawmakers, where reaction has been mixed.

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According to Oxford Economics, a suitably fancy sounding think tank, New Jersey can expect to reap somewhere in the neighborhood of $170 million annually from legalized sports betting. That would prevent betting websites from monopolizing the state's sports betting industry.

"For Atlantic City in the long term to be a resort and family entertainment resort, it can not build and define itself around gambling", Oliver said. And vice versa: "I think it potentially opens up horse racing to perhaps a whole set of customers who may not normally consider horse racing or come to a track because perhaps they're more attracted to traditional sports betting". As online gaming has increased in recent years, he said, visit trips continue to decrease in Atlantic City.

The reality, however, is that soon New Jersey will have sports betting, and other Northeast states, NY and MA in particular, won't be far behind.

"I've heard some interesting arguments regarding the benefits of some kind of federal legislation, and some of them can even be partly compelling at times", Freeman said last week. This is just one example of what tarnished the integrity of professional sports for some time. Maybe the interest there of having the odds on individual athletes if that would be part of the package as well might be part of the resurgence of watching those sports live.

Daniel Wallach, a sports gaming expert, said there will be less nearby competition with sports betting in the short term. Sports leagues, too, will face new challenges, including ensuring the integrity of their games aren't compromised. And if so, will this affect TV ratings in a positive or negative sense? It is. Many illegal bookmakers in NY offer a fantastic array of wagering opportunities to their clients, mostly online. The majority of that money, however, is going to offshore operators. "They can decide not to participate in this type of gaming".

SH: According to Nielsen studies, sports bettors are more engaged than the regular fan. What impact on TV ratings, if any, do you foresee, if sports betting expands? Or, since this region fancies itself a hub of the online world, the next big company will be a web-based sports-wagering operation. And the number of people who enjoy its charms and suffer its pitfalls is sure to grow. How the point spread and totals are designed, numerous games come down to the end of the game, so that's where we would see the longer sustainability of games.

When sports betting comes to Pennsylvania, at least for the casinos, this state will have the highest tax rate in the nation. Problem gamblers should be able to bar themselves from placing sports bets, a system that has helped compulsive gamblers stay out of casinos.

Opening up new avenues for betting will likely add fuel to the fire unless more is done to build and fund a treatment safety net, they said.

SH: What about the prospect of more cord cutting and Over the Top packages? "Instead they're going to get an entire generation of young people hooked on gambling and in the process fleece them".

If you believe Congress is going to suddenly get its act together and have a kumbaya moment over sports betting I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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