'13 Reasons Why' creator addresses Season 2 rape scene

Doris Richards
May 23, 2018

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Season two of 13 Reasons Why may be just as controversial as the first.

With its first season, 13 Reasons Why gained a reputation for telling stories even when they became uncomfortable.

The creator also added that in the first season, the graphic suicide scene "seemed to overshadow" the fact that both Hannah and Jessica (Alisa Boe) had been raped.

The episode did include a warning that informed watchers the show would have disturbing scenes. "The thing that's interesting for us is the journey and trying to understand what goes into the experience of a young man who goes that route". The core message which I resonate with in this series is that Hannah wanted the world to know that people don't spontaneously think, "today, I'll put an end to my life". "Because, of course, [Baker] continues to be a character - she's in scenes, and she's still there in many ways".

In season one, Hannah's tapes only told her side of the story, leaving loopholes throughout the plot. Choosing that as even the temporary conclusion to his story is irresponsible and lets not only Tyler, but the show off the hook of telling the hard story of what happens after someone reaches that violent turning point.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the thinking behind Tyler's assault? He moves in positive social directions and then he has setbacks, which I think is the experience that so many kids have. We'll have to wait and see. We realized that Bryce would break with Monty and that Monty obviously is really, really deeply attached to Bryce and so that loss would be devastating to him and Monty would act out.

Following the sexual assault, Tyler attempts to go to his school dance armed with an automatic rifle.

It's hard to say in 2018, when more American school students have been killed in gunfire than military service members, that 13 Reasons Why should have chosen to follow through with Tyler's planned school shooting. "We would never advise anyone who's exposed to an active shooter to confront them, even if it's a loved one". We're anticipating that there will be a lot of conversation about the show, and I think we're hoping there will be.

While some of the things Tyler and Cyrus do together isn't entirely ethical, you get a sense that their new found friendship is saving Tyler, pulling him back from the brink of committing a horrendous crime against his bullies and other school students.

It's insane that we wrote that scene and then Parkland happened and then on the day we were scheduled to have a premiere, Santa Fe happened.

That's exactly what we wanted it to be.

'I think you'll see in the balance of the episodes that it's very much about trying to understand Tyler's character and how a troubled young man might be driven to consider this very hard choice'.

"I do understand producers want to bring issues like this to forefront, but it was not necessary to be so graphic, " she said. Where do you go from here if there are no real consequences for Tyler's very real actions and intentions? That's what we wanted to see. We were very interested in following that character's story.

"We did as much research as we could", he haid. We wanted to know that there could be a better ending to it.

Overall, "13 Reasons Why" from May 14-20 on average ranked as the fourth most popular TV series overall in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom, coming in fifth France and New Zealand and sixth place in Canada.

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