Battlefield V is going back to WW2, as it should you know

Lloyd Doyle
May 23, 2018

Electronic Arts confirmed the Battlefield V name last week, and now it is using quick snippets from the upcoming military shooter that features flags for the Allied and Axis forces from the WWII era. Well, the fact that the two teams seem to be British and German as depicted by the icons - which doesn't leave room for much speculation once you factor in that Battlefield V won't be set during the first World War.

This comes in the form of a very brief teaser trailer for Battlefield 5.

It's something of a dark teaser as well, with the viewpoint character apparently being stealth-killed by someone as they shush them, but looking around there in those few short seconds that we see it gives us at least a little bit of information. Some have claimed that the game is called Battlefield V and that it'll be set in World War II, while others have claimed that we're finally getting Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

Battlefield V will be revealed May 23 at 4PM EST.

Ever since it was revealed that a new "Battlefield" is in the works, there have been disparate speculations regarding the new game's setting. Stay tuned to IGN for more info as it rolls in. Not much is now known about the game other than it's going to feature new modes, and will follow the same campaign system as Battlefield 1.

The video is seen from your player's point of view as you lie wounded on the battlefield. An anonymous source told VentureBeat that even if the team finds a way to make the mode work for Battlefield 5's mechanics, Battlefield 5 might not ship with a battle royale mode when it launches in October.

We'll soon find out.

As for when and where you can watch it - the live reveal is set for tomorrow, kicking off at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 p.m. CET.

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