Lake Worth 'Zombie Alert' Mistakenly Sent During Power Outage

Annette Crawford
May 23, 2018

Residents in Lake Worth, Fla., received an alarming message during a power outage Sunday, warning people to be on the lookout for zombies.

Sadly for the undead, the message was unreal - well, the zombie part, anyway.

The freaky message was sent at half past one Sunday night, and people woke up in a panic that the zombies have captured the city. "There are now far less than 7-thousand 3-hundred 80 customers involved due to extreme zombie activity". According to local reports, the city hadn't yet gotten to the bottom of the mystery of how zombies ended up getting a mention in the first place. The paper reported that Terminus may have been a reference to the zombie TV show "The Walking Dead".

Lake Worth - population 34,900 - is best known for hosting a popular annual Finnish heritage festival and the largest Octoberfest in the region. Obviously, from news on the ground, Melbourne might also be the top pick in regard to Florida.

The alert had a resident, Wes Blackman, asking: "Was the system hacked or just a dumb joke?" He added that officials thought they got to all the messages, "but it turns out there was one hiding in the system". According to authorities, when such incidents automatically starts sending notifications to the residents, and for each PE procured a separate message. While they are aware of the issue, they are unsure who the culprit within their office actually is.

Lake Worth, Florida's electric utility system sends out automated alerts whenever there's a power outage.

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