Judge orders 30-year-old man to move out of parents' home

Lester Mason
May 25, 2018

Michael will head to the Onondaga County Court on May 22 to explain why he "should not be required to vacate the family residence".

In Syracuse, New York, a couple is suing their 30-year-old in order to get him to move out of their house. (But can you guess why?).

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you", they add. "Get one - you have to work!"

Since losing custody of the infant, the son has now taken up being full time with his mother.

In the fifth and final letter Michael's parents offered to pay for the repairs for his broken down vehicle to get it off their property, and he still refused to leave.

"I'm granting the eviction", he said.

He told reporters he would appeal against the ruling, and that he had planned to move out of the home in Camillius, New York within three months anyway.

Easier said than done. "Get one - you have to work!", signed "Christina and Mark Rotondo". Rotondo refused, saying he'd made his legal arguments.

Mark and Christina Rotondo had been trying for months to evict their son Michael, who did not pay rent or contribute to the household.

An article by Syracuse that the only way to have Michael removed from the family home was for the Rotondos to file an ejectment proceeding. Aggravating matters, Rotondo told of no longer even being able to use the laundry machines at his paren's house anymore.

As for that $1,100 from his parents, Rotondo said it's already gone.

When asked if he considered spending as much time looking for a new place to live as fighting the eviction, Rotondo replied that he wasn't ready to leave home. As NPR reported in 2016, a Pew study found that, "For the first time in more than 130 years, Americans ages 18-34 are more likely to live with their parents than in any other living situation". Things became adversarial, he said, and their relationship has suffered. When asked about that further, however, he would only say: "My business is my business". Another message urged him to either fix his auto, a Volkswagen Passat, or take it down off of the "ramps" that it was on at the Rotondos' house. He is seeking almost $340,000 in damages, pay and attorney's fees from the big box store.

He said he went to college, but didn't finish his degree.

Rotondo said he has a job, but wouldn't answer any questions about the line of work he is in.

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