Samsung ordered to pay Apple $539 million for iPhone patent infringement

Doris Richards
May 25, 2018

Over seven years after Apple and Samsung, the world's two largest smartphone manufacturers, locked horns in a patents battle, the latest chapter in the long-running legal case finally came to a conclusion, with a San Jose, California-based jury awarding the iPhone maker nearly $539 million in damages. Samsung had argued during the retrial that the value of the infringing components was $28 million and thus it should only have to pay that much.

The latest ruling comes seven years after the iPhone maker first sued its South Korean smartphone competitor for "slavishly copying" its products. It is already settled that Samsung infringed on three Apple design patents which involve the grid of icons on the home screen, the rim that surrounds a handset's front and the rounded corners of a device.

Apple said in a statement that it was pleased the jury agreed that Samsung should pay for copying its products, adding that the case had not just been about money, but also about protecting the "hard work and innovation of so many people at Apple".

"We believe deeply in the value of design", Apple said in its statement.

FOSS's Florian Mueller says that Samsung could extend its litigation or even file an appeal.

Samsung said that it would appeal because it claimed the decision was against a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favour of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages.

At issue were jury decisions made at the end of an early round of hearings, which Koh said "did not accurately reflect the law". Bloomberg's Mark Gurman is listing the damages as a $533.3 million award, plus some additional concessions for another $5.3 million. Apple won the trial in August 2012, receiving an initial award of $1.049 billion, but was forced back into court for subsequent disputes over legal questions and damages. The case then made its way back down the ranks to Koh's courtroom, where the judge decided a year ago to hold a retrial to figure out a new bill of damages in the case. Now Samsung has to pay $539 million, an increase of $140 million.

Originally set at $234 million by a federal jury ruling in 2015, the damages were raised due to Apple's continued infringement of the patents until December 2016.

In the original trial, jurors were told that an "article of manufacture" could only be the complete phone, thus robbing them of a second option. That means the single division of the technology giant could pay Apple in about two weeks.

Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple Inc.

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