'Whistleblower' woman was 'taped to chair and gagged by colleagues'

Angelo Anderson
May 25, 2018

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick has been away from work since her father passed away in 2016.

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick, a fisheries officer at the Scottish Government, said she experienced the demeaning scenario at Marine Scotland's Scrabster office.

"DeeAnn Fitzpatrick was restrained to an office chair with tape, and gagged, and allegedly told, 'This is what happens when you speak out against the boys, '" Daly said.

A woman from Bell Island is facing her own battle with workplace harassment, after she claims she was strapped to a chair and gagged by her male coworkers in Scotland.

Sturgeon said she was limited in what she could stay because of the ongoing tribunal, but said a "full review" of the incident would be undertaken.

Marine Scotland is a fishery watchdog run by the Scottish Government.

Ms Fitzpatrick, who is 49, claims that over a period of nearly a decade she had been subjected to threatening and abusive behaviour, including being mocked about having a miscarriage and being told that staff at the department didn't want "a woman, especially a foreign woman" there.

She says Fitzpatrick took Marine Scotland to court previous year but because of the time that had passed the courts were unable to do anything.

She has complained about the agency's "misogynstic culture" and alleges she has been bullied for years in the workplace. We were sickened. We worry about what this has done to her.

She added: "I an absolutely horrified at the photo".

According to emails obtained by BBC, Fitzpatrick tried to raise the issue over email with one of her managers, who said he will talk with Anderson and Jody Paske, the second employee involved in the harassment.

"She's not giving up and now her family is behind her, and we're not giving up until someone is made accountable for their actions", she said.

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant, who has been helping Ms Fitzpatrick in her case, added: "It's horrific".

"I'm kind of speechless", Grant said.

She said Miss Fitzpatrick had made her home in Scotland for nearly 25 years.

Mr Anderson, who the BBC understands remains employed by Marine Scotland and has recently been promoted, did not respond to the allegations, although civil servants are usually unable to comment without government approval. I can't remember the event you mention, but if it did happen, it would have been office banter.

The Scottish Government said: 'The Scottish Government have clear standards of behaviour which apply to all staff.

'Any concerns raised by staff are taken seriously and investigated fully'.

"Certainly nothing to do with abuse".

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