Canadian Grand Prix: Daniel Ricciardo To Have Grid Penalty In Montreal

Annette Crawford
June 9, 2018

Daniel Ricciardo is set to take grid penalties for the Canadian Grand Prix after Red Bull confirmed they will have to replace the MGU-K, which failed en-route to his win in Monaco.

The Australian driver drove a magnificent race despite his vehicle suffering a loss of power midway through the race to take Red Bull Racing's and his second victory of the 2018 season.

As things stand for Ricciardo, the Australian is just one change away from using the allotted three parts of the power-unit - the internal combustion engine, turbo and MGU-H.

"He will definitely be taking some penalties in Montreal, we haven't heard at the moment just how many". "We are only allowed two batteries etc and the system in that sense seems completely wrong".

Renault is introducing an upgrade for the Montreal race, but it is unclear how many engines whether the new engines will be introduced for the company's six cars - its own factory team and its customers, Red Bull and McLaren.

"It's about 1% (more power), which is a tenth of a second so it's worth having but it's not a make or break", he said.

The Red Bull star had a damaged Renault power unit but guided his handicapped auto home for a famous victory.

Furthermore, Ricciardo has also used the maximal amount of energy stores (battery) and control electronics, and if any of those needs a change, Ricciardo will face a further five-place penalty.

Despite facing such diverse problems, Ricciardo has managed to take two wins, the same number as Hamilton and Vettel and has propelled himself to third in the drivers' standings.

Daniel Ricciardo wasn't on a high for long.

"The [MGU-K] is definitely a penalty".

Told that some sections of the media had claimed the MGU-K was salvageable, the Briton laughed.

The top three have all won two races this season, but Ricciardo is 38 points off Hamilton's lead due to reliability issues and a collision with team mate Max Verstappen in Azerbaijan.

"I rather doubt it, considering it caught fire and was a burnt out, charred wreck", he said. "I would be somewhat surprised at that one".

Despite only six races, Ricciardo has already used a major chunk of the allowed engine parts.

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