Judge in Stanford sexual assault case recalled from office following law-and-order campaign

Lester Mason
June 9, 2018

Former Stanford student Brock Turner who was sentenced to six months in county jail by Judge Persky for sexual assault.

Almost 60% of California voters supported the recall of judge Aaron Persky, which was included on the ballot for the state's primary election last Tuesday. When a person is sentenced on a sex charge, they are required to sign up with the state as sex offenders on a list that is a public record, searchable by potential employers, thus guaranteeing they can never be employed and will be on the public payroll either by returning to prison or on some subsistence program for the rest of their lives, all paid for by us taxpayers.

In the wake of this, Judge Persky, who served at the Santa Clara County Superior Court, faced extensive criticism and now has been removed from office.

The case drew worldwide attention after the victim-identified as "Emily Doe"-read an emotionally charged 12-page letter at the sentencing, telling Turner he had taken away "my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today".

Michele Dauber, a Stanford Law School professor, said that Santa Clara County voters are the winners of the election. "This is a historical moment in time".

The case sparked a national debate over the criminal justice system's treatment of sexual assault victims and racial inequities in court.

In Tuesday's election, 60 per cent of the more than 176,058 voters who cast ballots approved a petition to recall Persky, according to unofficial results posted online by the county registrar. But in a lengthy interview with The Associated Press last month, he said he didn't regret the decision and was taken aback by the reaction.

"I expected some negative reaction", he said. "The campaign has clearly stated that its message is "Judges watch out" and has spent more than $1 million to remove one judge who followed the law", they noted. Persky is white and holds undergraduate degrees from Stanford and a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. The judge said he considered as a mitigating factor that both students had been drinking heavily.

In 2016, the case of Brock Turner gained worldwide recognition after the teen was handed a shockingly short prison sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

Turner was released for good behaviour in September 2016 after serving just three months of his six-month term and has since appealed his conviction.

Clinton declared herself in favor of eliminating the presumption of innocence for those accused of sexual assault, in the name of "believing the victims".

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