Breakfast? Nah, IHOb is the International House of Burgers

Lloyd Doyle
June 11, 2018

They encouraged customers to guess what the "b" would stand for, but it seems like no one on Twitter could have guessed it would be burgers.

On Monday, IHOP revealed the mystery behind the decision to change its name to IHOb.

International House of Pancakes President Darren Rebelez makes the announcement on 'Fox & Friends'. IHOP has changed its name to IHOB, and the restaurant announced Monday that the "B" stands for "burgers". The "B" is for burgers.

The restaurant chain famous for pancakes will still serve flapjacks, but now it's serving steakburgers beginning today. It ends with the company's new logo and the message Burgers Burgers Burgers.

IHOP's new offerings will include a Classic burger (with or without bacon), the Cowboy BBQ burger and the Big Brunch burger, among others. "Breakfast" was a popular vote for social media fans - so burgers is quite a surprise.

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