Tremors from quake felt across northern England

Lester Mason
June 11, 2018

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said it happened at 23:14 BST on Saturday with the epicentre in Grimsby at a depth of 11 miles (18km).

It was felt mainly in Lincolnshire and Hull, the BGS added, as Twitter users joked to call family and tell them you love them.

On Twitter some people reported feeling a "mild shake", while a woman from Hull took to social media to say the natural disaster "creaked the house" leaving her "shaking like a leaf". "Very short in duration", while somebody in King's Lynn submitted their eyewitness report of "One door swung shut".

British seismologists later confirmed that the region had been struck by a 3.9-magnitude quake, with its epicentre close to the Lincolnshire town of Grimsby.

Earthquake England: Tremors felt in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire | Daily Star
Reports that people in Norfolk felt effects of 3.9-magnitude earthquake which hit Grimsby

Many people went on social media to ask what it was they had just felt.

And earlier this year, on February 17, a quake occurred in Cwmllynfell in South Wales which registered a magnitude of 4.6.

The BGS said that earthquakes of this size happen approximately every two years in the United Kingdom, although for anyone still shaking after Saturday night's quake, there are around 8,000 every year around the world that are larger. To give it some context, the BGS said there are around 8,000 quakes annually bigger than the one that occurred in Grimsby last night.

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