'Addicted' girl, 9, wets herself instead of taking break from Fortnite

Doris Richards
June 12, 2018

Cross-platform battle royale phenomenon Fortnite's appearance on the Nintendo Switch has been long anticipated and, by now, rumored and leaked plenty, but Switch owners have been left with questions about their console's version, including its release date. Given its meteoric rise in popularity, Epic Games was able to book an estimated $126 million in revenue from Fortnite during the month of February; that haul more than doubled to $296 million in March.

Fortnite allows players to fight in a mass online battle until only one victor remains. "She had fallen asleep twice in lessons and her grades were slipping", said mother Carol. Epic's director of video production shared an image of the bus on Twitter this week after a site test. However, the gravity of the situation came to the forefront when the father found her sitting on an urine-soaked cushion while playing the game.

Carol said her "backside was red-raw, she was so hooked to the game she wouldn't even go to the toilet".

But one little girl has taken her obsession with the Hunger Games-style video game to a new and distressing level.

The girl is now recovering with rehabilitation.

Addictions counsellor Steve Pope, who treated the nine-year-old, said he had been contacted by parents of children as young as eight about possible Fortnite addictions.

Child psychologists believe kids could develop mental health problems if they become too exposed to the game.

"We worked out that she could have been playing for up to ten hours a day, and we'd had no idea".

Fortnite might be free-to-play, but many gamers opt to spend their cash for optional in-game items to give their characters unique looks and dances.

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