IHOP reveals the ‘b’ in its new name, IHOb, stands for burgers

Lloyd Doyle
June 12, 2018

"IHOP changed their name to IHOB for BURGERS, Nobody asked for this", one user wrote.

The P will flip to a lowercase b: IHOb.

It's hard to imagine the new name could be permanent, as the almost 60-year-old restaurant chain is best known for its pancakes and breakfast menu items.

As if the United States needed more fastfood burger restaurants.

Meant to promote a new line of hamburgers as the restaurant chain tries to branch out from its breakfast niche, the switch is part of a marketing campaign and not an actual rebranding, company officials told CNN.

Today IHOP, which has been the International House of Pancakes for 60 years, has officially become IHOb, which stands for the International House of Burgers.

Naturally other restaurant chains had some thoughts to share on social media about the "IHOb" announcement. Several new burgers have been added to the menu. In March 2014, Taco Bell - known for its lunch and dinner options - rolled out a national breakfast menu.

But in the end, its just some odd news. You could even say the competition is hobbing mad.

Could it be marketing genius or one of the most talked about branding blunders brandished by a breakfast joint? "While strategically it makes sense to get people in (IHOP) after 11 o'clock in the morning, owning burgers is a non-starter for them".

An IHOP in Hollywood got new IHOB signs, and some others might also get the treatment.

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