President Trump Is Still Very Angry With Canada's PM Justin Trudeau

Lester Mason
June 12, 2018

At one point he wrote, "Justin acts hurt when called out!"

Trump has consistently railed against what he claims are unfair trade practices by some of America's biggest trade partners, including Canada. "$800 billion trade deficit", he tweeted on Monday.

Ottawa has announced dollar-for-dollar retaliation on the USA imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada. "The European Union had a $151 Billion Surplus-should pay much more for Military!" Germany pays 1% (slowly) of GDP towards North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, while we pay 4% of a MUCH larger GDP.

Earlier, the White House escalated the unprecedented criticism against Trudeau, branding him a back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, is expected to travel to Washington this week, Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail reported. And I say, push him around?

"I had a very good meeting with the G7", Trump said, rejecting suggestions the summit was a failure.

Larry Kudlow, Trump's chief economic adviser, told CNN that Trudeau's press conference addressing Trump's actions was "a betrayal". Can't do it in person. Trump said it was snapped as they waited for changes he'd requested to the communique he ended up pulling out of. -Canada border. Trudeau told reporters that imposing retaliatory measures "is not something I relish doing" but that he wouldn't hesitate to do so because "I will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests". Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to Trump's recent threats and installing of tariffs in a press conference at the end of the summit. Among other things, she said the government should be preparing to keep pace with corporate tax cuts and tax breaks south of the border.

Trudeau responded that it was "insulting" that the USA viewed its neighbor to the north as a security threat. Trudeau stuck our president in the back. It came in sharp contrast to a roar of disapproval among Canadian politicians, who banded together across party lines to denounce Trump's attack and praise the bilateral and trading relationship between the two neighbors.

Trump said he had a "good relationship with Justin". From promoting democracy and to fighting terrorism, "we're on the same page".

Trudeau had said Canadians "are polite, we're reasonable, but also we will not be pushed around". The two then signed a joint agreement.

"We are being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries", Trump told a news conference on Tuesday.

One particular source of his ire recently has been Canada's supply management system, which levels tariffs of up to 300 per cent on imported dairy products.

He continued by saying Trudeau's comments are "not what true friends do" and added "I think Peter Navarro's commentary on Fox was spot-on".

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