Quote: Brock Lesnar & Jon Jones 'Very Interested' In Fighting Each Other

Angelo Anderson
June 12, 2018

Dana White told TMZ on Saturday night that Lesnar is very interested in fighting Jon Jones and Jones is very interested in Lesnar.

The reign is considered by WWE to be the sixth-longest of all time, with all of the longer terms coming before 2000.

White had previously said that Lesnar remains under UFC contract and had expressed an interest in returning to fighting once his current deal with WWE expires.

The talk of a potential fight between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones has kicked back up again.

It's been reported that Lesnar will drop the title either before or at SummerSlam.

Both are now ineligible to fight, stemming from their respective in-competition drug test failures, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility for a scenario to take place in which they share the Octagon with one another. White says that Jones' situation is up to USADA.

If the Jones vs. Lesnar fight is not possible, White seemed open to the idea of a Lesnar vs. Francis Ngannou fight. "There are obviously a lot of options". News broke about Lesnar failing a drug test following his victory at UFC 200.

Jones recently failed a second drug test which could still lead to a long suspension.

As a result of that failed drug test, he was stripped of the UFC light heavyweight title and removed from the official UFC rankings. "Jon Jones is very interested in Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar is very interested in Jon Jones", White said. Both men are among the biggest stars in UFC history. If White can figure out a way to book the fight while also respecting the suspensions due to the drug testing failures, he most certainly will do so. He just needs to get Lesnar and Jones on board.

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