Twitter CEO shamed for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride Month

Lloyd Doyle
June 12, 2018

But many then began looking into O'Brien's "background" and found something very interesting. An email to Square and Chick-fil-A were not immediately returned.

Plucky users on his own social media site were quick to remind Dorsey that Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is a known critic of gay marriage, saying in 2012 that his eatery supported "the biblical definition of the family unit" and that marriage equality was "inviting God's judgment" on the US. "That background?" wrote journalist Jeryl Bier. Cathy has since called his remarks a mistake, and reports say the fast-growing company has worked to broaden its brand image away from controversial issues as it has expanded into cities like NY and tried to cater more to millennials. You mean a company that stands by its Christian values?

Others may have thought the implication of Dorsey's tweet was that he was "boosting" Chick-fil-A, when he appeared to be promoting the "boost" or cash back received when using Square's Cash app debit card. With good food & incredible service, that does a lot of good for every community where they have a store located.

Is this, as one commenter argued, a lot of fuss over "just a chicken sandwich"?

A user also wrote about Chick-fil-A's exemplary business style.

A user by the name of Rich Baker also entered the fray by replying to Dorsey: "And they pay well, far above the minimum in my area. And other awful, disgusting things".

"Why is it because I live my life so gay, That I should not eat Chick-fil-A? Ridiculous. Go on and eat that Chick-fil-A and post as much as you want about it!" one person wrote.

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