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Doris Richards
June 12, 2018

This is especially true of this year because of the presence of a (presumably) brand-new Super Smash Bros. game.

We already know that Nintendo is only going to focus on Nintendo Switch games during its E3 livestream - but that doesn't mean we may not get more 3DS announcements (Amazon actually put up 6 placeholder tiles for 3DS titles just this morning). The game was first announced back in March with a teaser revealing that characters from "Splatoon" would be included in the new "Smash" title.

It appears you'll be able to modularly connect at least two Nintendo Switch consoles to expand the size of the screen you're working with.

You read that right.

Super Mario Party is coming to the Nintendo Switch but alongside the new party gameplay, there appears to be an interesting new use of the Switch hardware for multi-player. And the changes don't stop an extensive walkthrough, Nintendo walked through major and minor tweaks to every character from Cloud, Ryu, Young Link, Bowser and beyond.

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