NY suspends Uber driver’s license for booting kissing women

Lloyd Doyle
June 13, 2018

An Uber driver booted a party-hopping lesbian couple from his auto on Saturday after he saw them kissing in the back seat.

Alex Iovine and her girlfriend, Emma Pichl, ordered an Uber Saturday to take them from the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn to the East Village in Manhattan, they told ABC New York station WABC-TV.

The women initially thought the man was joking, but once they realized he wasn't they began recording the incident.

A similar incident occurred in Houston last December, when a gay couple claimed an Uber driver dropped them off at the side of a freeway after they kissed in his vehicle.

Just five minutes after that, Pichl said the driver "pulled the cab over and said: 'You should not do that... do not do that'".

The women asked the driver why they were not allowed to kiss, to which he responded that it was "disrespectful". "Don't fucking touch her", Iovine said.

Iovine said she's aware of Uber's code of conduct, but was adamant that the two did nothing more than a quick smooch. "We leaned in for a peck, and that's what it was, a legit peck".

They say Ahmad El Boutari forced them out.

"Yeah, it's illegal", the driver said. And by tidying up after yourself - whether it's taking your trash home or cleaning up a spilled drink - you'll keep the auto in good condition and ensure the next person has a pleasant ride, too.

Emma Pichl who was kicked out of an Uber after kissing her girlfriend
Image Emma Pichl said she was shocked by what happened

The couple questioned him about his decision and asked him why they were not allowed to kiss.

"It's disrespectful", the 35-year-old says.

"Kissing is not illegal", one of the women replies. However, the agency told the Daily News that it has not received complaints about the driver in the past and that it has launched its own investigation. TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg says "we reached out to them (the women) immediately and commenced an investigation".

But Iovine said that was not true.

"It was a really bad experience - and ironically occurred on a bright sunny day during pride month in NYC", Iovine said.

She said that she also filed a complaint with the city's Human Rights Commission, but hasn't heard back from the online ride-hail company.

'Obviously, he's homophobic. I was very surprised. I haven't experienced homophobic behavior in the city.

Alex Iovine, 26, and her girlfriend Emma Pichl, 24, say they were headed from one birthday party to another in New York City when they requested the ride-hailing service. "This goes to show that it can happen anywhere".

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