SNP's Ian Blackford clashes with Speaker before walkout

Lester Mason
June 13, 2018

The Westminster leader of the SNP has been banished from the House of Commons by John Bercow after he launched an extraordinary Brexit protest during Prime Minister's Questions.

Blackford concluded: "I have no options but to ask that this house now sits in private".

"The PM silenced Scotland's voice".

"I think the people of Scotland have to reflect on what has happened here - a Conservative government has stripped powers from the Scottish Parliament and is not prepared to give us the opportunity to debate this".

Many are also furious Scottish MPs were given minutes to discuss key Lords amendments on Tuesday night.

Mr Bercow shouted "not now" and demanded the SNP chief resume his seat - eventually expelling him for the rest of the day when he refused.

"We are giving message to the government that we will take them on, we are not prepared to sit back and see powers taken from the Scottish parliament", he added.

But Theresa May retorted: "We do expect that the outcome of Brexit will be a significant increase in Holyrood power".

What had Ian Blackford said?

The Scottish Parliament has refused to give its consent to the Withdrawal Bill, meaning that Westminster is set to overrule its wishes for the first time in the history of devolution.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said the SNP was about to be granted a debate on the devolution aspects of the EU Withdrawal Bill by the Government.

Earlier Bercow completely lost control of the Commons as the SNP raged about the cutting short of a debate on devolution last night.

Bercow said: 'I must just say to the House, that I am most grateful to the Prime Minister and before we come to points of order, that for all the turbulence and discord of today's proceedings the little baby who has been observing them has been a model of impeccable behaviour from start to finish'.

The passing of the EU Withdrawal Bill meant powers which were supposed to return to the Scottish Parliament after the United Kingdom leaves the EU would go to Westminster for a period of seven years, a move which SNP MPs broke with the Sewel convention that changes to devolution would not occur without the consent of the Scottish Parliament. Yet last night she pressed ahead with a power-grab in direct opposition to Scotland's elected Parliament.

He added the issue would "haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation".

We walked out of PMQs because Scotland's voice is being ignored, Scottish democracy is being disrespected.

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