Trudeau's criticism will cost Canada 'a lot of money'

Lester Mason
June 13, 2018

The Canadian leader did not directly respond to Navarro's comments, but Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland called the remarks not "particularly appropriate or useful" later Sunday.

"That's going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada", Trump said in Singapore. And that's what bad-faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference.

"That's unconscionable", Heyman said."Anybody who represents the United States of America from the White House using that kind of language with any world leader of any type, I think is uncalled for".

"I own that, that was my mistake, those were my words", Navarro said.

"Defense Secretary Jim Mattis used an approach that aides say can work: 'He says, 'Your instincts are absolutely correct, ' and then gets him [the president] to do the exact opposite of what his instincts say, '" The Journal wrote, citing a person close to the White House.

"On his comments, I am going to stay focused on defending jobs for Canadians and supporting Canadian interests".

Last Friday, Trump - feeling slighted by Trudeau, who took a tough stance toward USA tariffs by saying he wouldn't tolerate being "pushed around" - launched an attack via Twitter, calling the leader "dishonest" and "weak".

On the eve of Mr. Trump's meeting with Mr. Kim, one of the president's top trade advisers, Peter Navarro, said there was "a special place in hell" for leaders like Mr. Trudeau, accusing him of engaging in "bad-faith diplomacy" with Mr. Trump.

Navarro said on Fox that his words came "straight from Air Force One".

"I see the television and he's giving a news conference about how he "will not be pushed around" by the United States".

Bruce Heyman, a former USA ambassador to Canada, said Mr Navarro had "crossed a line".

"We finished the [G7] meeting and really everybody was happy".

Trump's attacks arrive as the United States and Canada renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement alongside Mexico. "And it won't even be tough".

Mr. Trump's actions led to an extraordinary juxtaposition: an abrupt public feud and deterioration of ties between the US and Canada at the same moment as warm words and a detente between the USA and North Korea.

For their part, the Canadian parliament rejected "disparaging ad hominem statements by usa officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations".

The Dairy Farmers of Canada lobby group, which had earlier voiced the suspicion Trudeau might try to sell them out, met the prime minister for 25 minutes on Tuesday and said he had reassured them of his backing.

Still, winning the public-relations war may not be enough for Trudeau to avoid additional US trade penalties. Ottawa says it is discussing how it could help steel and aluminum workers affected by the recent imposition of USA tariffs. Among other things, she said the government should be preparing to keep pace with corporate tax cuts and tax breaks south of the border. He added that Canada will "move forward with retaliatory measures" on July 1 against the U.S. That warning is apparently what set Navarro off.

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