1st African-American woman set to be San Francisco mayor

Lester Mason
June 14, 2018

San Francisco Supervisor London Breed emerged victorious a week after Election Day to become the city's first African-American woman elected mayor, narrowly defeating a rival who was seeking to become the first openly gay man in the position.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that former state Senator Mark Leno conceded the mayor's race to Breed and called to congratulate her earlier today. As president of the city's board of supervisors, Breed was appointed acting mayor, but she was quickly removed from the role by her fellow city supervisors, in a move that sparked significant outrage from her supporters.

She is the second woman and the first African-American woman elected mayor of San Francisco.

A list of campaign contributions published by the City & County of San Francisco Ethics Commission shows that Facebook donated $35,000 to Breed, while Verizon threw in another $25,000. "We know that there is so much work to do", she said. "So many people care about making sure that we're coming together to address these most challenging issues", Breed said. Mark Leno by almost 2,200 votes out of almost 250,000 ballots cast. The city's charter mandated that Breed take the city's top spot because she was the next in the line of succession as president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. "She was very gracious". "It is time for us to forget about the drama in the world of politics during the campaign and focus on making our city better for all San Franciscans". The old notion of a "Tale Of Two Cities" is to clique at this point.

She added, "Whether you voted for me or not, as mayor I'll be your mayor, too".

San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim who ran a distant third in the balloting also offered her congratulation to Breed. Her lead has been increasing since Saturday.

When asked to reflect on the milestone of being the first African-American woman to be the city's mayor, she said: "It's really incredible, and it's really an honor ..."

Acting Mayor Mark Farrell also offered his congratulations.

Breed will be the only woman among the mayors of the United States' largest 15 cities. "I commit my full support, both personally, and through my staff, to make this transition between our administrations as smooth as possible".

However, Breed was ousted and replaced during a lively Board of Supervisors meeting by Mark Farrell who was named the new interim mayor in a 6-3 vote after three hours of testimony. Leno had received 109,585 votes, or 49.58 percent, according to San Francisco election officials.

Tuesday marked the fourth straight day Breed maintained a lead over Leno, who initially led the race, according to last week's election numbers.

On Monday, the elections department included about 9,000 votes that were tallied since Sunday.

With the results neck-and-neck, the San Francisco Department of Elections began counting almost 14,000 provisional ballots this week. Here's how ranked-choice voting worksShe said she was thrilled at the message her election sends to San Francisco's youth, especially impoverished kids growing up like she did. The candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated, and votes for that person are redistributed to the voter's second choice, and so on until a victor emerges with the majority.

At the end of counting on election night, Breed held a almost 10 percentage point advantage over Leno in first-place votes.

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