Apple to close iPhone security loophole police use to crack devices

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

One can say with some amount of certainty that the iPhones to be released this year will not see any change in the charging port or charging cable design.

The new USB-C iPhone may not appear until 2019 according to these sources.

While Apple has historically been non-compliant when law enforcement has sought capabilities to hack into Apple customers' devices, in certain instances, police have been able to use third-party hacking tools to exploit a loophole in iPhone Lightning ports. It's entirely plausible that Apple would switch that end from USB-A over to USB-C while leaving the Lightning port on the other end intact in order to continue reaping the benefits in accessory licensing. The current iPhone X can fast charge but requires owners to buy the faster charging adapter and cable separately.

Apple recently introduced Type-C USB into their Macbooks, so this could be the first step to Apple fully removing all their proprietary connectors. That way owners of multiple Apple products will only need to carry one charger when out.

The new changes could stoke another round of debate between Apple and law enforcement. Many flagship Android phones already use USB-C for charging, and have done so for a number of years.

GrayKey is a simple-to-use box that cops plug into a locked iPhone through the Lightning port and brute-force guesses the passcode without needing codes to be manually entered.

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