Crypto-mining Android malware is borking Amazon Fire TV devices

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Sticks are vulnerable because they're built on the Android operating system, a primary target for crypto mining malware. This sudden slowdown coincides with the appearance of an app simply called "test" that keeps popping up randomly.

As it stands, only Amazon Fire devices that have been set to enable ADB Debugging and application downloads from external/unknown sources will have been affected by this.

Yesterday it was Apple re-writing their app guidelines to explicitly forbid developers from sneaking malware into the app store, and today its malware that can take over televisions via Amazon Fire. Not only is the popup annoying, but it also causes video playback to stop and apps to stop responding, making it very hard to continue using the device normally.

The app installs itself as a "Test" app under the package name "".

Once infected, devices tend to slow down as the malware is claimed to be using 100 percent of processing power to mine cryptocurrency for its owner. Fire OS is also based on Android, which means it's possible to sideload unofficial/unapproved apps onto your device with a little bit of know-how.

Simply checking for the Test application in the application list or in the application management settings doesn't work as the app does not appear in these lists.

An alternative would be downloading Total Commander from the Amazon App Store, and use the app to uninstall the malware, but there's no telling if the malware leaves anything else behind. However, a new spate of malware infections has the potential to interrupt your viewing as the device secretly mines cryptocurrency in the background.

The vulnerability isn't limited to Amazon products, which have ADB debugging disabled by defualt.

In any case, you really don't have much to worry about with this one because it just can't happen unless you get into the developer settings and allow it. It will erase everything on the device and start from scratch.

This solution is not recommended because the extent of the virus and the modifications it does on your system are unknown.

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