EE UK Launch New Smart Number Mobile Technology

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

EE's new "smart number" tech means you can make a call even when you don't have your phone or it has run out of battery.

The service works using Wi-Fi Calling and customers can extend their phone number to five other connected devices which are internet connected with either Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity.

Once paired, incoming calls to your main number can be received on any of your paired devices.

You're also able to "hand off" calls to other devices - this uses Apple's Handoff tech based around devices linked to your iCloud account so you can pick up the call via the app switcher on the device you want to move the call to.

"We've made it our mission to give our customers incredible new technologies that make the most of our award-winning network to help keep them connected, wherever they go and whatever they want to do", said EE's managing director of marketing Max Taylor.

If using your thumbs to use your smartphone is simply too much sometimes, you're in luck: thanks to some nifty newly discovered technology, all you need to control your iPhone is your eyes. You'll then be able to take advantage of smart number technology on recent iPads running iOS 10 and later, various Mac and MacBooks running OS X El Capitan or later, and Apple Watch Series 1/2/3. The same options will make their way to Android devices at some point in the future.

The better news is that your devices don't all need to be on EE.

Quite conveniently, EE is the only network in the United Kingdom, that offers pay-monthly plans for the Apple Watch Series 3.

At present there is one early disadvantage to the new service and EE's claim that customers can use it to "make and receive calls across their tablets, watches and laptops", which centres around the issue of hardware support.

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