George Lucas Had Third Star Wars Trilogy Plans That Sound Terrible

Angelo Anderson
June 14, 2018

Star Wars fans will now be thrilled to know that the veil has been partially lifted on Lucas' ideas for the episodes.

So, George Lucas wanted to explore the role of the creatures called Whills and how they feed off the Force and control it.

Back before he sold the company to the Mouse House in 2012, Lucas was drawing up plans for his own sequel trilogy, which would've involved both the old heroes, including a love interest for Luke Skywalker, and a new wave of characters that were set to be teenagers.

'To the majority of Star Wars fans thank you for supporting and putting yourselves in our shoes.

Obviously I could go on and on about everything that is awesome in the Star Wars films, but one of the most striking things about them is the creativity involved in all the different alien characters, their societies, their characteristics, and how well they fit into the stories, and this is no exception. "You're not entitled to politeness when your approach is rude". While most of us like starting projects, it takes a lot more effort to finish them off, but that feeling is instantly more rewarding. They are essentially a bunch of tiny creatures who happen to have control over the entire universe by tapping into the largest force there is, so large it's literally called THE force; what a bizzare contradiction.

This sounds like the kind of detail that would be fascinating in some kind of epic novel series, but would it have been the right direction for the Star Wars universe?

Honestly, that doesn't sound all that compelling. As it stands, the Force being something more of a spiritual plane where a being can get in touch with the living world around them and learn to manipulate it and become one with it is much more in tune with the mysticism established in the original trilogy.

Boyega also replied to Twitter users who commented on his post. Sometimes it feels like a great injustice when a person has a vision for a project, but then never gets to see it come to completion. "People weren't nice about how I looked".

He says he could have made the films had he kept onto the company.

The Last Jedi's problem is more serious than that: after this epic movie hit screens, breakout star Kelly Marie Tran - who plays Resistance fighter (okay, maintenance worker) Rose Tico - received a barrage of hateful abuse online from racist, misogynistic jerks who couldn't deal with her ethnicity and sex.

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