Heavily redesigned Surface Pro reportedly due for mid

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

There was a bevy of activity past year with the launch of the Surface Laptop, the fifth-generation Surface Pro and the Surface Book 2.

The reporting comes courtesy of Thurrott, which says that three new devices are in the works. With the Surface family, the Xbox, and peripherals, the company doesn't shy away from building its own products and has established a sizeable fanbase who is interested in "what's next" for the company when it relates to these types of products. Optional LTE will also be available.

According to ZDNet reporter Mary Jo Foley, a "heavily redesigned" Surface Pro 6 won't be ready until mid-2019, but Microsoft could be planning iterative updates for its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop later this Fall.

But at the same time, whispers of new low-priced Surface tablets, high-end wireless MR headsets developed in partnership with Samsung, a long overdue HoloLens sequel and something called "Andromeda" have slowly turned into rumbles. Even Microsoft resisted naming the device the 'Surface Pro 5,' for Surface lead Panos Panay felt it wasn't different enough to deserve the numbered moniker.

However, a reference later in the report cites that refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop could land later this year with 8th-generation Intel Core processors, and that they could employ USB-C ports in conjunction with Microsoft's proprietary Surface Connect port. Interestingly, Microsoft could also be working on new Surface-branded headset to be released later this year or early next year.

That date may seem relatively close considering that the Xbox One X launched past year but Microsoft is aggressively moving ahead with hardware in the console space to shake up the industry. There is talk that the next-generation Surface Pro model will be powered by the latest Intel processors and might include a USB-C port.

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