Jaguar E-Pace gets more features

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

The new self-learning system is called Smart Settings, and while it made its debut on the new I-Pace electric vehicle, the E-Pace application will be the first that's widely available to the public.

According to Jaguar, the system learns about driver patterns based on time, location and weather-based behaviour patterns, which means the vehicle will eventually be able to pre-heat the seats if it thinks the driver is about to commute and it's chilly outside - at least, that's the example provided.

Jaguar has added new technology and an extra engine option to its E-Pace SUV range.

In a boost to the E-Pace's technology stocks the little SUV will feature the British marque's new smart settings which utilises artificial intelligence. Up to eight profiles can be set up on the E-Pace using Smart Settings. If trends and algorithms can be observed - the auto being started at a particular time each day, for example - it allows the vehicle to be tailored automatically to such conditions. You can get Smart Settings as part of the so-called Connect Pro Pack, which also brings a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation, real-time traffic and parking availability info.

All E-Pace engines are now equipped with a particulate filter for a further reduction in emissions.

At the same time, the Leaping Cat marque has rolled out a new active suspension that employs variable triple-tube dampers and external hydraulic valves to improve ride quality, handling response, and body control. The set-up delivers faster responses and a dedicated off-road tune.

Adaptive Dynamics monitors vehicle movements every 2 milliseconds and calculates the required damping force every 10 milliseconds to respond instantly to the driver's inputs and road surface changes, providing greater control and minimising body roll. Rough surfaces and off road conditions are sensed immediately and the damping adapts accordingly.

The new Ingenium four-cylinder turbo petrol produces 147kW of power, good for a claimed 7.7-second sprint to 60mph (97km/h) and 34.4mpg (8.2L/100km) on the combined cycle.

Another addition to the E-Pace range is adaptive suspension. The filters are integrated into the after-treatment system and trap ultrafine particulates as the exhaust gases pass through.

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