Maneater is an open world shark simulator where you can eat people

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

At the PC Gaming Show, a new game from Tripwire Interactive was shown called Maneater.

Developed by Blindside, Maneater is a open world RPG where the player will control a shark trying to eat people and other creatures. The official description makes the game sound more devious than it has to be, but simultaneously awesome, because who wouldn't want to be a shark? Fight to survive in the open ocean, with danger lurking at every depth. Anything and everything is on the menu. and it's kill or be killed in these waters.

You can see the trailer below.

Maneater comes from Blindside Studios, which is led by Alex Quick, the developer of Depth and the original Killing Floor mod creator.

Playing as a shark you'll have your own skill tree where you get bigger teeth and abilities like being able to leap out of the water and snatch your prey. We'll keep you updated.

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