Netflix is planning to add games to its streaming service

Doris Richards
June 14, 2018

It, however, confirmed a partnership with Telltale Games in order to expand its existing roster of interactive content, among them beingPuss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout, and as stated above, Minecraft: Story Mode adaptation will be the first fruit borne of this, come fall. Stranger Things was confirmed as a separate entity, coming to traditional gaming platforms like the company's previous works. The news was piggybacked onto a story about Netflix and Telltale partnering to bring another game, Minecraft: Story Mode, to Netflix's line of interactive stories.

According to TechRadar's sources, both Netflix and Telltale are advanced in the deal, with playable demos of the games having been in existence for "at least" the past year. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company said.

Separately, we've learned of a new Telltale Games project based on Netflix's hit series Stranger Things - though no release window or additional details were provided.

Back in December we reported on the possibility of Netflix offering branching path content, and had even pointed to Telltale's The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones as flawless examples of limited interaction experiences that could fit with Netflix's technology.

While Telltale and others consider "Minecraft: Story Mode" to be a type of game, Netflix does not.

Netflix's take on streaming games apparently involves remaking them on some level so they can play nice with the service.

After having worked on titles based around series far and wide involving major franchises like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and more, Telltale Games has given a new look into what lies ahead for the studio outside of its current projects, and it looks like things are about to get unusual. You're all the way relaxed sitting on the back of your seat. You're not relaxed, you're not leaning forward on the edge of your seat. But now it's ready to give games a try.

Netflix and Telltale Games have formed a partnership with all kinds of exciting implications. As a result of this, Telltale has first crack at a Stranger Things video game that should be available in the not-too-distant future.

Obviously, the limitations of playing a game using streaming video is evident.

We will update this article if new information comes to light.

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