North Korea summit ‘an important milestone’ towards denuclearization, says Guterres

Lester Mason
June 14, 2018

"It is a blank cheque for Pyongyang, a free pass to carry on as (North Korea leader Kim Jong Un) pleases, as his regime has for decades", he said.

Bill Smith, chair of worldwide studies at the University of Idaho, said he and many of his colleagues are tentatively hopeful about the negotiations between Kim and President Donald Trump.

However the ministry said it would be hard to provide a time frame given the need to inspect tour facilities in the North as well as to work out details with companies.

That may well be the case - if things get that far.

"Last year when you were interviewing me at that time, and I thought the President Trump would start the war, I wish he did it, and now, the war will not happen", said Hong.

"The test now is this declaration that was signed with the US President in front of the world's media that must stand, and the onus now is on North Korea to prove that it's genuine", Bishop said. The South's aging population is one of its greatest economic challenges, and North's lower median age and higher fertility rate would greatly improve the demographic picture. Its gross domestic product is more than $2 trillion.

Across the border, the average North Korean has a share of the nation's total GDP of around $25 billion, which works out to be about $1,000 each.

"I think now is the time to regroup ourselves and be a little bit more realistic about North Korea's intention to denuclearize". It would also bring a host of problems, given the malnourished state of many of North Korea's people and its poor health system.

Automation, in general, is something South Korea has always encouraged, with the government providing tax breaks to companies which use advanced technologies.

That Mr Trump called the war games "provocative" essentially parroted the North Korean position.

That year Bush declared North Korea to be part of the "Axis of Evil", which also included Iran and Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Albright advised that the Trump administration and the U.N. Security Council should not remove sanctions against North Korea early, saying they are the "leverage" in compelling the country to take concrete measures toward denuclearization. That might mean improvements in the daily life of North Koreans if talks go well.

Overall, 35 per cent of North Korean workers are employed in the agriculture sector, with 65 being employed in industry and services.

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