The GOP Is a Trump Cult, Boasts Donald Trump Jr

Lester Mason
June 14, 2018

"Americans want to see someone who's actually going to have conviction, not just talk about it with great soundbites and then when it comes game time they sit there and fold", the president's son said.

Corker was infuriated over objection to his tariff legislation, which would seek to limit Trump's authority to issue national security tariffs.

That shelves Corker's proposal to require presidents to get congressional approval for tariffs that are imposed on national security grounds, which Trump cited in announcing levies on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and the European Union.

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said he was comfortable disagreeing with the president and that Corker was disappointed about the amendment failing. Corker had assembled a bipartisan coalition of more than a dozen senators to sign onto his bill, which would have given Congress veto power over tariffs issued in the name of national security, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and other members of leadership had been cool to it all along.

"I don't want to do anything that is either going to jeopardize the passage of the defense authorization bill or delay the passage", said Sen.

"'Gosh, we might poke the bear!' is the language I've been hearing in the hallways", Corker said, his voice rising.

Out of frustration and disappointment with his Republican colleagues, Sen.

"We as senators, we're anxious somehow that this guy, gosh almighty, I heard the senior senator from Texas [John Cornyn] saying the other day, 'Well, gosh, we might upset the president".

"I can't believe it", Corker exclaimed. "The president of the United States'".

America First: "To those who say this President is only picking winners and losers, let me say this: the only victor President Trump is picking is America". Corker said he asked for unanimous consent to place the current NDAA text on a House-passed revenue shell. But the senator leading the defense debate, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, said Tuesday he wouldn't go along because it risked holding up Pentagon funding and wasn't directly related. "I've never before had a question of allegiance to a person, rather than allegiance to the flag and Constitution, and to a degree that's what this race came down to".

Corker said such procedures are "used as customarily as waking up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee", he said.

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