US, Mexico, Canada win 2026 World Cup bid

Annette Crawford
June 14, 2018

It is limited to 15 minutes, with bidding rival Morocco to follow at the Moscow Expocentre. Will this lead to more investment and improvement in Major League Soccer?

"The fact that we have an opportunity to be a part of a World Cup that's still eight years away, benefit from the build-up to 2026, the sport is in a growth spurt right now at the professional and registration level". Football is known as soccer in the United States.

The 2026 tournament will be the first to have 48 teams. The US, Mexico and Canada received 134 votes (67 percent) with the Morocco bid earning 65 votes. The intercontinental playoff will be held somewhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico, perhaps in November 2025.

There is no question that the last four years have been hard for American soccer.

On paper, the two bids are worlds apart.

Most of Africa pledged their support to their confederation colleagues Morocco, but the United Bid took their thorough campaign to the continent, eventually earning the votes of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and seven other African nations. Cordeiro, Reed and de Maria started their campaign by pitching to their fellow members of Concacaf, which, despite earlier reports that several Caribbean nations would vote for Morocco, fully backed the United Bid on Wednesday.

BS: Not only gifts to potential voters but also the bidders offering to build a stadium in your country in exchange for your vote.

The games will be played in 16 cities.

Canada, Mexico, and the United States will now jointly manage preparations for the massive events until Federation Internationale de Football Association establishes their operations to manage the competition.

The 2026 FIFA World Cup is coming to North America.

Hosting rights for previous World Cups had been awarded by what was then a 24-person FIFA Executive Committee. "Why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us (including at the United Nations)?" he wrote.

The vote took place on the eve of the 2018 edition, and it was a sweet victory for a U.S. Soccer program that needed one after its men's team failed to qualify for this summer's competition in Russian Federation.

Montopoli, speaking for the Canadian portion of the bid, said only that they had the government guarantees they had required.

"Not to comment really on the USA side, but maybe they felt that they wished to go further in some additional letters which they had received from their president", he added.

Philadelphia may end up being the final city to make the cut as a host.

Taking no chances, Montopoli is pulling out his lucky charm. "It's awesome. I couldn't believe it at first", said Bedoya.

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