Meghan and Prince Harry likely to have children soon: Thomas Markle

Angelo Anderson
June 19, 2018

In a bombshell tell-all interview unlikely to have had the blessing of Kensington Palace, Thomas Markle has spilled insider details of his daughter Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry, including baby plans.

He claimed Harry once told him to "give Donald Trump a chance".

When asked by TV host Piers Morgan if he believed Prince Harry supported the USA president, Markle replied, "I would hope not now, but at the time he might have been".

"I can't think of a better replacement than someone like Prince Charles", he told the program.

"I think he was open to the experiment", Markle said.

Harry's press office declined to comment on Markle's televised interview, which could raise eyebrows because senior royal figures are scrupulously careful not to comment publicly on domestic or worldwide political affairs.

He also described the moment Prince Harry asked for his daughter's hand in marriage.

Thomas Markle, 73, who lives in Mexico, said he was unable to attend the wedding on health grounds.

After Meghan Markle confirmed her father Thomas won't attend the wedding, Prince Charles offered to walk the bride down the aisle.

"Of course it's 'Wow, ' it comes out as a 'Wow, ' but this is my daughter, and she's certainly a prize for him as well", he said. My God, I've got to apologise to the rest of the world for my president.

He said, "When she met Harry, she spoke about how much she loved him, and so there has to be a child-making somewhere soon".

During the interview, Markle also mentioned a conversation he had with Meghan's husband-to-be in the run-up to the wedding - including a freaky warning to Harry not to "raise his hand" against his daughter. "I was very upset that it wasn't me, but the whole world was watching my daughter".

"I've always had a bad attitude about Donald Trump and that's never going to change".

The ITV Racing commentator said: "I think it is rather lovely if you are watching the Duke of Sussex in these pictures who is just pointing out to Meghan how things work, showing her the horses, showing her the programme because of course this is her first time".

The Daily Mail revealed that the photos - which included reading articles about Meghan in an Internet Cafe and getting fitted for a suit - were staged, just one week before the royal wedding.

The proud dad did tease that he expects the couple will announce a pregnancy very shortly. "So that upsets me somewhat".

The boyfriend: "The first phone call was, "Daddy I have a new boyfriend", and I was like, "That's really nice". I had a bit of a heart condition.

Markle concluded the interview by stating that his daughter will be a complement to the royal family and would rise to the occasion in any circumstances.

"I thought it would be a nice way of improving my look".

But added: "I was honoured".

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