Alexa Bliss Wins WWE Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Angelo Anderson
June 20, 2018

Jax rammed her into the corner right out of the gate and tossed her across the ring then hit a splash in the corner. That might not be a terrible idea since Bliss is one of the WWE's best heels, making her a much more appropriate foil for Rousey than Jax ever was. Rousey went for a kimura and into the armbar then transitioned into a triangle choke but Jax powered her way out of it by hitting a powerbomb. Rousey fell through the ropes while trying to get up.

The original match had the Jax defending her championship against Rousey in the former UFC megastar's first singles match of her WWE career.

She then took to the top rope for the first time in her career and nailed a diving crossbody for two.

All that did was seem to fire Rousey up, as she surged with a series of strikes and a big judo throw that earned her a two count. Rousey with the armbar but Jax broke it with a roll up. Despite Jax's best efforts, it appeared she would get her signature submission hold locked in, but Alexa Bliss, the victor of the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match earlier in the night, appeared suddenly, wielding the briefcase as a weapon.

Paige now serves as the on-air general manager for WWE's "SmackDown" brand after announcing her in-ring retirement earlier this year. Just before she had the chance to lock it in, Bliss ran in and nailed her with the briefcase.

The finish was Lynch nearly winning the match but Bliss spoiling it for her when she tipped the ladder over.

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