Ex-Sony Online boss reveals why Sony is blocking cross-platform play

Doris Richards
June 20, 2018

PlayStation 4 users who had linked their console to their Epic account found that they were unable to log in on their Switch console, meaning their progress and purchases would have to started from scratch if they wanted to use their Switch. We're introducing PlayStation Hits, a selection of incredible PS4 games that are easy on the wallet. Well, the scheme is making a comeback under a new PlayStation Hits moniker. Have a look at all of them in the image below. PlayStation Hits titles like Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne will now only cost $20 and come in distinct red packaging.

PlayStation Hits launches in the U.S. and Canada on June 28 (Canadians will have a slightly different lineup of games - check here for details).

Fans are continuing to place pressure on Sony and PlayStation over the cross-play issue but whether or not the company will budge is hard to say. No word yet on if a similar greatest hits line will be coming to Europe and other territories, but you have to imagine it will happen sooner or later.

Sony wrapped up today's announcement by noting that more games will be added to the PlayStation Hits lineup over time, so we'll keep an eye out for those new additions. It offers several different games for you to blow through just like Xbox's Game Pass service, but the catch is that you have to stream the games, which isn't optimal for everyone.

You can play in the same Fortnite match if you're on PlayStation 4, PC, or mobile but while Xbox One and Switch owners can also pitch in together Sony has made sure the PlayStation 4 can't join in.

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