Fortnite: Battle Royale Adds Stink Bombs With Patch v4.4

Doris Richards
June 20, 2018

This limited time mode has five teams of 20 taking each other on, with the Storm Circles giving players more room to hunt down opponents. Will you be checking out this new content later today?

Loot in stacks of 3 with a maximum stack of 5.

Keep reading for the full 4.4 Patch Notes, or alternatively, you can skim through the gallery above. That means it's possible to tie for a Victory Royale.

Rocket Launcher reload times have also been increased, depending on rarity.

Similar to standard Battle Royale, Final Fight stops its storm circle after the third cycle.

- The team with the most players remaining at the end of the timer wins!

Rare from 2.3 seconds to 2.8.

Legendary from 2.07 to 2.52.

- The remaining teams will battle it out until the timer expires. On top of that, the max amount of rocket ammo players can carry at once has been capped at 12, which will significantly cut back on the amount of rocket spam we see in the late game. Once built, these basic structures can be edited to remove sections to make different shaped buildings, add windows, doors, and the like.

Cozy Campfires are now lit by the thermal scope.

NickEh30 thinks that it would be interesting to implement a distance measurement on these markers so that players could know how long it would take to reach various destinations, and perhaps even predict whether they can outrun the storm.

Fixed the two intersecting busses on the starting island.

The music for the Fresh emote has been re-added.

Added the "Net Debug Stats" HUD UI option for Xbox.

When using styleable outfits, your last saved version will always appear in the locker preview.

Elsewhere, the Save The World mode is getting a new "8-Bit Demo" hero skin in the shape of the "new constructor Demolitionist". As you can see, manipulating certain building materials can create this pattern that directly resembles the hate symbol.

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