Love Island 2018: Hayley Hughes Once Appeared On Coronation Street

Angelo Anderson
June 20, 2018

The reality star admitted he was "gutted" to be off the Island and admitted things were still "frosty" between him and the Liverpudlian model, who waited in the wings.

'I'm bitter and angry, not to her, I can't hold a grudge. It was so much fun, I'm missing it.

Taking to Twitter, the collective shared their mutual frustration over her "act" as one wrote: 'There is no way Hayley thought Spain was in the United Kingdom and her hometown is a country (Liverpool).

Charlie then joined Lorraine on the sofa, where he revealed his hopes of returning to the show in the future and explained his sadness to be out of the villa.

Are you sorry to see Hayley and Charlie go? 'We were all playing the game and having a laugh, but I didn't know if it was inside the ear at the time, or the earlobe.

The awkward encounter didn't go unnoticed by viewers at home who took to social media to comment on the tension.

However, Lorraine and This Morning producers no doubt had headaches when Hayley and Charlie refused to sit together on both shows.

While one viewer praised presenter Lorraine for putting up with the petty behaviour: "Wowzers that was awkward, poor Lorraine". Voting came down to Charlie and Hayley, and Alex and Samira, and the latter two contestants were saved.

Hayley left Love Island last week after failing to strike up a romance with her partner, Charlie Frederick, after viewers deemed them the least compatible couple.

'It's true tbh Hayley said she likes going on holiday so she knows Spain isn't in the United Kingdom she's defo faking being dumb, ' added another.

He furiously quipped back: 'You weren't liked.' Caroline quickly stepped in, shouting 'Charlie!' at his remark, as if she were trying to defuse the tense situation.

And a third said: 'This entire conversation is proving that Hayley is faking being dumb, NO ONE thinks Spain is in the U.K'. "And obviously I've been there two weeks and I didn't find anyone in early days I was compatible with, so I was being true to my own feelings".

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