NYT Nixes Audio Of Stephen Miller Interview From Podcast After WH Asked

Lester Mason
June 20, 2018

Although various people in the Trump administration, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, have voiced dissent about the policy, Miller had "no misgivings" about their decision to enforce the policy, the Times article stated.

The Times' decision to not air the interview with Miller drew questions and criticism from many journalists on Twitter, including Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple, who thought hearing Miller's voice "would have enhanced the production quite a bit". The issue is that Davis interviewed Miller a few weeks ago for a big story about the topic, but hadn't discussed the other ways the audio could be used.

On Monday's episode, host Michael Barbaro teased that they were going to have Miller on Tuesday to explain President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. "The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law".

Last week, White House adviser Stephen Miller even took credit for the new policy. There is no law that requires children to be separated from their parents.

Instead, this morning's episode features a little explanation at the beginning from Davis, who said the Times had planned use the audio "until I heard from the White House earlier today that they were not at all comfortable with us using that audio".

Miller is considering tightening the rules for student and temporary worker visas, restricting immigration benefits for welfare recipients, and collecting bio-metric data of visitors from a handful of countries.

It should go without saying that there is no established practice of withholding on-the-record conversations from podcast distribution, but time and again the Gray Lady has demonstrated a willingness to placate this administration in exchange for access to Trump and his inner circle.

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