Take-up of faster NBN plans increasing, company claims

Lloyd Doyle
June 20, 2018

The latest monthly progress report from NBN Co bears good news for its attempts to push customers to the network's higher speed tiers, with an impressive increase in the uptake of 50mbps or higher plans since December previous year.

While responsibility for this also falls in part to the telcos relaying these discounts to the customer, this uptake brings the total number of NBN users on 50mbps plans or higher up to 44%, nearly tripling the 16% figure it was before December.

"It's important for people connecting to the NBN access network to understand how to pick a speed tier and retail plan that suits their needs", NBN Co residential chief customer officer Brad Whitcomb said.

NBN Co attributes the dramatic take-up to the network's new wholesale discount options.

"Our latest progress report shows in the a year ago we have also improved our ability to work with internet providers to restore faults on the network within our agreed timeframes by 30%", Whitcomb continues. We know there is more work to be done and will continue to collaborate with the industry as the rollout gathers pace.

NBN Co said more than 250,000 new homes and businesses across metropolitan Australia will be able to connect to the network in the next three months.

The latest NBN monthly progress report reveals that as of May some 3.9 million households and businesses had active services on the National Broadband Network. Like many families, she also streams her entertainment and has taken advantage of a higher speed tier.

NBN Co revealed plans in December past year to introduce new product bundles combining access charges with some network connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) bandwidth capacity. Under the changes, NBN's access and bandwidth charges were also bundled together across connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) and access virtual circuit (AVC) for the two top-tier plans.

There are 91 per cent of homes and businesses who had their nbn™ equipment installed right the first time - compared with 86 per cent in May 2017.

There are 94 per cent of homes and businesses who were connected within the agreed timeframes with phone and internet providers - compared with 88 per cent in May 2017.

The average congestion per service, per week, has actually increased to 18 minutes since February, when it was 12 minutes, and hasn't improved considerably since December-January.

The percentage of end users with 25Mbps or 12Mbps services has dropped from 84 per cent May 2017 to 56 per cent in May 2018.

Fixed Line network congestion is calculated based on how NBN Co utilises certain parts of its fixed line access network that are shared by phone and internet providers.

The access network achieved 100 per cent availability during the month, excluding planned outages NBN said.

Please visit nbn.com.au/updates for more information.

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